Chambers Pillar


We all met up out at heavy tree gap servo for a leisurely cruise down the old south road, stopped for a quick break at the Maryvale store.
The rest of the drive was fairly uneventful, saw some donkeys that mike managed not to hit, then we came across some cattle and I had to convince him not to run them over.
We went for a walk around chambers pillar and enjoyed a bbq lunch.
The trip back was fairly cruisy, stopping in again for an ice cream for most and a pit stop for some.
We turned west to travel back via the oak valley camp ground, 1 member managed to have some mechanic issues at the railway crossing but details can wait for the robbers diary.
We hit the Stuart hwy where the grop split so that wanted to travel slightly quicker weren’t held up by the hilux.
Great day was had by all, I’m sure there were some decent photos taken as well.


Chambers Pillar NT

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