Night Run - Junction Waterhole


Night run – Junction waterhole
Buying something to eat we set off.
Deciding as we had a bit of light left still we ventured in off the road just after the Motor vehicle registry. It was decided that we would go in and have a look at Wigglys waterhole first. Going into their a little mud was over the road but nothing too drastic. So some of us decided to get a little wet to get a taste of what may be to come and other decided to drive around it. There was a little bit of water in the catchment but not too full.

Continuing on through to the junction just as the sun started to go down. Followed the track through to the junction turn off. Going up to the hill that we usually start off at when going into the junction. All of us had a look at the different degrees of difficulty paths that could be taken. Bernhard, decided to go up first and decided that the G-Wagon needed a bit of a challenge. However, although lifting a few wheels, the G-Wagon decided to make the track look too easy, yet a little impressive. Next the jeep had a turn. The jeep decided to take a little easy route, as did yours truly. Discussions were still made as to what would be the easiest route to take.

Continuing on down to the waterhole. Coming up to the next obstacle. We looked at the waterhole and although there was water the decision was made, after a walk of the depth of water that we would attempt to drive through the water. Thanks to Bernhard for volunteering to go first. The snatch was attached to the back, just in case a recovery was needed. In wading through the water, although deep was firm on the bottom and no complications in getting through, but we all had a little fun and getting the tyres wet. At this time the lights had to be turned on. In continuing forward up through the hills. Upon reaching the top of the hill we went up to the peak to have a quick look at what is to come and where we are going. At this point a few people had decided to have their meal. Continuing on down the other side of the hill, we came up to the final obstacle for the night. Looking at the varying difficulties of inclines up the hill and the one track that went around all these. The jeep and G-wagon decided the top route would be the way to go. Yours truly decided to get wet one more time and go around through the creek.

Finishing off the drive was a small drive back through the creek and back to the highway where we all departed.

All was a good trip with no damages to vehicles.


Kind regards
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