Mt Dare via Old Andado


Mt Dare via Old Andado
Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th November 2017
Trip Leader: Ian Clarke.
Finally, the weather was beautiful, tracks passable so this trip which has been delayed twice finally was rolling.
There were 5 vehicles primed for the run along the western edge of the Simpson Desert, Bernhard & Helen in the Troopie, John & Ann in their Landcruiser, James & Tash in their Ranger, Leo in the Jeep, and myself in my Ranger.
We left Heavitree Gap at 8.30, arriving at Santa Teresa to view the Church with the amazing Murals just after 9.30. The Binns Track from there to Old Andado wasn’t too bad, the section most prone to flooding past Allambie has been top dressed & in good condition. I was within 3 metres of collecting a camel. We diverted to Mac Clark Acacia Peuce Reserve to view the rarest trees in Australia then stopped at Old Andado for lunch & chat to Cobby, the Caretaker. Cobby confirmed earlier information from Andado & Mt Dare & NT Roads that it was unwise to travel south through the floodouts as he had been bogged recently. This confirmed our decision to travel via New Crown & cross the Finke west of us before we turned south again to Mt Dare. Once again wildlife, in the guise of a mob of Donkeys brought me to a halt. The arrival at Mt Dare was on schedule at 1700 hrs. A few drinks, good food, comfortable cabins & then breakfast were enjoyed, Leo opting for a swag with the mozzies & flies. As it turned out, the Binns Track would have been passable, but it was still wise to the unanimous advice of taking the route we did.
The return trip was via Finke, The Lambert Geographical Centre of Australia, Kulgera & the highway north, topping again at Erldunda for Coffee or Ice Cream, driving through some heavy storms, to arrive back a little behind schedule at 1900.
The total distance travelled was about 1,040 kms.
Further trips will be planned in 2018 to incorporate the flood outs & Dalhousie Springs.
Ian Clarke


Mt Dare, South Australia

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