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Trip report: Get to know your vehicle – Lighting

Well to start I must say all made it there on time at the designated meeting place.

From here we made our way out to the Ghan Pans where the lighting display was to happen. But first the bbq was setup and whilst Steph was cooking the BBQ (Thanks Steph) mike went and put a few markers out at 100 and 200m for reference of the lights. Most people decided to go and have a play on the hill until dinner was cooked and before the sun went down. Whilst eating we were treated by a wonderful sunset over the pans.

During dinner the borrowed lights were setup as well as everyone’s vehicle for their light test. Must say a big thankyou to Ben and PJ at AUTOSPARKEY for the loan of some of the latest lights out there today, made for a great demonstration. With the borrowed lights set up and everyone else ready the test commenced. With a quick discussion about the different types of technologies, beam patterns and options available we waited a while for the daylight to disappear. Steve did mention fyrlyt lights which were a halogen light with a bit higher wattage output. Although I could not get a set to test a discussion was had about them.

The test commenced of all lights. Thanks to Steve for getting blinded and doing the not so scientifically accurate references from the lux meter (also provided by AUTOSPARKEY). Steve will be able to tell you why turning your high beam down when other cars are coming is important. Going from left to right. We had a readings taken from 100m. Well looking at the reading I realise that they may not have been accurate as we would have hoped and doesn’t seem to be right when it comes to the light output. However I shall post a table at the end with the results I have (and could read of my no so neat hand writing in the dark). Also we realised that doing the test that these reading really don’t matter for people when looking at light as beam pattern is more useful and looks can be deceiving.

The interesting part came about when we were doing the test on the single lights. We first tested the Xplorer lights both big and small. I did get it wrong when we thought they were the bushrangers, they are not they are peak lighting. In comparing big to small most people didn’t see much of a difference in the output. However the reading from the lux meter told us the large one had an individual light output of 180Lux, and the little one only produced 60 lux. Go figure we all thought there wasn’t that much difference. Todd and Rachel came to a conclusion these lights had a really good beam pattern and would like a set of these. So you guys know where to get them. We then moved to the 2 big boys of the industry with a Hella predator IX HID and the new Great White long distance 220 beam light. Well Steve was like what the hell. We had the Predator producing 800 lux and the great white producing 790 at 100 per light. However we found the predator had a better overall pattern, and although the Great white had a good spread on it we found the spot part of the light a little too much of a spot for driving, but would be great as a hunting light. Out to 200m although I didn’t right down the measurements the predator came out on top with the brightest light. Go figure the HID wins for distance.

In packing up the lights on the back of my ute, Mike and I turned around just to compare what we had. We found the Chinese converted rallye 4000 looked very similar to the intensity lightbar output, and I realised that I might just have to get a set of predators as the 100w HID Chinese ballasts and the reflector of the rallye 4000 are nowhere near as good as the predators from hella. Go figure. I did have a look the next day though and I think it just might be the HID’s and ballast quality as the reflector looks the same. Also my lightbar being much the same, useless compare to real rigid industries lights.

Well I hope I have answered all your question, and given you guys/gals a little more information on lights and what to get. If there is any more information you would like I shall do my best to answer them. Also I will attempt in the next month also try and find some Accurate data on these lights and post them on facebook. Also I will ask Mike and I’m sure he will, post some pics as well of the night. Light outputs below (although please don’t take these as truth as they don’t seem right).

Toyota 80 series
Low beam no register
High no register
All lights 70 lux (broken light bar)

Low beam no register
High beam no register
140 lux All lights IPF Halogen

76 series wagon
10 Lux low
30 lux high
390Lux All lights Intensity Ar32 spot

10 lux low (Led converted)
High beam 20 lux
Spots (AR24) 210 lux
Lightbar (AR41 I think) 160Lux Both 340Lux and Chinese lightbar 380 LUX

Peak lighting Xplorer large
180 Lux

Peak lighting Xplorer small
60 lux

Hella predator IX
800 lux

Great white long distance 220
790 lux
100m distance lux reading!AjD5e4FKd-WXhO9ptNiJA6f8ZJwRjA


Ghan Pans

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